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Here is How I Built my First RPM

I was building a rpmpackage for Tengine the Dynamic Module loading Nginx fork. As usual since there was a no decent tutorial I decided to write my own. Warning: DO NOT try as root for obvious Reasons First Install the necessary packages. sudo yum install rpm-build sudo yum install redhat-rpm-config Create the rpmbuild directories [userid@hostname […]


Dowload from ubuntu and install using dpkg packahe manager 1. Expect * a program to control interactive applications o it maybe possible to control interactive applications from other scripting languages as well + python, perl * expect programming is very easy compared to perl! o crackers use expect to try and gain access to […]

Shell scripts for remote administration

The most useful way to administer multiple servers A good tutorial on Shell scripting Useful Shell scripts for remote administration can also be found on the link below To find the size of large files on the remote server ssh user@server du -h -a -c /path/tofile |grep ‘G|M’ Shell script to get Information […]