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7 Ways to set up your Auto Tweets

Wanted to share this, if you are looking to increase your twitter traffic One of the most talked about controversies on Twitter. Some use it to spam while some use it to tweet while they are offline to get some sleep. Some use it just to…auto tweet. Even though it’s highly effective in normal dozes […]

Here’s what Microsoft will reveal to police about you

Global Criminal Compliance Handbook This book contains Details for police and intelligence services exactly what information Microsoft collects about users of its online services, and how they can be accessed. What is gathered and available about you is quite comprehensive, including your emails, detailed information about when you sign in and use the services, credit […]

5 Myths That Can Kill a Startup

This is a must read if you wanna start your own company. Myth #1: Hire Smart People and Let Them Do Their Magic Truth: Hire Stars and Let Them Do Their Magic Myth #2: It’s About Your Great Idea Truth: It’s About Your Customer Myth #3: Conflict Is Bad Truth: Affective Conflict Is Bad; Cognitive […]